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Who are our customers

We work for small and middle size businesses that are oriented to various services: from house construction and repair to sale of clothing and of sports articles. We have also experience with research centers and educational institutions.

Website design and construction

Usually we design new websites (and blogs) for our customers but we also update or re-design existing sites. We propose the front-end design solutions to our customers or we use their own materials and concepts. We provide the software that drives our websites (the back-end). We offer either ready solutions or we write new software that conforms to the customers needs.

We also advise and help our customers in all matters related with obtaining of internet domains and hiring of remote servers to host the websites.

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Website support

We propose to support the websites of our customers no matter whether they have been developed by us or not. The support may include updating of the site content on demand or on regular basis. Usually it includes various types of monitoring: from server performance to SEO instruments such as google webmaster tools.

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Custom design software

We have expertise in writing custom software for research purposes, data acquisition and storage as well as data processing and presentation. We are also providing software for mathematical modelling of various processes. We use mostly C++ and Delphi in our programs but we can write applications for computation environments such as Mathematica.

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